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Wethersfield Carpentry Experts

Our experienced Wethersfield carpentry services team offers hardwood window, door, floor and staircase installation for you to make your dream of having a beautiful, comfortable home come true!

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Wethersfield Finish Carpentry

We offer all types of finish carpentry services to make your home even more beautiful and complete, and we can include frame, baseboard, handrail, wainscoting and crown molding installation as well.

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Wethersfield Carpentry Services by Victor Pro

Victor Pro is a well known general contractor that was born with the mission to deliver the best painting and carpentry services in Wethersfield, Connecticut and the surrounding area.

With over 9 years of experience, we do our job with responsibility and attention, especially because we want to deliver a comfortable, beautiful home to you!

Do just like hundreds of other people: hire our qualified team that uses the best techniques, tools and products to transform your home and your life.